1. Building available free of charge for all committal services for up to 1 ½ hours.
  2. Fee for exceeding 1 ½ hours per service will be $150.
  3. Scheduled usage will be first come, first served basis.
  4. 12 chairs will be provided.
  5. Funeral Homes are responsible for removing casket to grave site, placing in vault and lowering into grave.
  6. Flower displays are limited to the casket spray and 4 pots.
  7. A cart will be available to move casket from hearse into the building and for display during the service
  8. Use of the building is optional. Grave side services are permitted.

Note:  There is no electric, heating or cooling provided in the committal building.

Updated 10-2-17


 Price shall include:

    1. Niche
    2. Opening & Closing fees
    3. Engraving of niche cover panel
  1. One Cremains per Niche.
  2. No vault is required.
  3. No additional decorations on niche cover panels or on ground around the niche wall with the exception that flowers on the day of inurnment will be allowed.
  4. Absolutely no items may be adhered to the niche wall or cover panels. The only exception will be the use of 5 ½” X 8 ½” bronze veteran’s plaques may be used in lieu of engraving.
  5. Mementos and personal items may be included within the niche as space allows.
  6. All engraving on niche cover panels will be provided by Grove Cemetery and will be uniform with all other niche covers.
  7. A $200 additional fee will be charged for Saturday inurnments to be collected at time of inurnment.

Updated 10-2-17